Carlucci di Chivasso Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

Carlucci caters for a more fashion-oriented and distinguished market than Chivasso. Carlucci style is sophisticated, haute couture and classic. The Carlucci colour spectrum comprises many deep rich colours, such as berry reds and purples, sumptuous chocolate browns and intens emerald greens. Of course these are complemented with a broad spectrum of earth tones.


Curious - view all

Calm (CA9089-040) Clouds (CA9091-020) Cowboy (CA9092-020) Cult (CA9086-070) Curious (CA9088-040)


Ghost Walls - view all

Gateau (CA8210-040) Genteel (CA8202-020) Ghost (CA8204-020) Gilder (CA8206-020) Gleeful (CA8208-070) Goldfield (CA8212-070) Gong (CA8203-071) Gratitude (CA8214-020) Guru (CA8219-070)


Phantom - view all

Pampa (CA8237-040) Parody (CA8234-020) Patched (CA8236-070) Pendulum (CA8229-070) Phantom (CA8224-091) Pharao (CA8225-070) Piranha (CA8233-070) Poison (CA8231-040) Ponyskin (CA8226-070) Pounce (CA8230-020) Predator (CA8227-070) Proud (CA8239-020) Prowl (CA8238-040)


The Grand - view all

Galileo (CA8247-020) Giotto (CA8246-040) Goddess (CA8248-020) Goia (CA8244-020) Goldrush (CA8243-020) The Grand (CA8245-040)


Wonderwalls - view all

Walk On (CA8169-040) Whisper (CA8165-040) Wild (CA8164-040) Wish (CA8163-020) Wizard (CA8167-040) Wonder (CA8171-070) Wonderwall (CA8168-020) Woodblock (CA8166-040) Woodstock (CA8170-020)