Nina Campbell Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Nina’s designs are epitomised by luxury, practicality and a sense of wit. Integral to the Nina Campbell collections is a colour palette that has been developed with a decorator’s eye, and one that is constantly evolving so that new and existing designs work beautifully together.


Braemar - view all

Braemar (NCF4110-01) Branklyn (NCF4112-01) Cairness (NCF4113-05) Elcho (NCF4114-03) Rothesay (NCF4115-03) Strome (NCF4111-01)


Cathay - view all

Cathay Parade (NCF4170-01) Jinsha (NCF4173-01) Khitan (NCF4176-01) Magnolia Garden (NCF4172-01) Mahayana (NCF4175-01) Pamir (NCF4177-01) Penglai (NCF4171-01) Suzhou (NCF4174-01)


Montacute - view all

Barrington (NCF4053-01) Bicton (NCF4051-02) Malleny (NCF4052-02) Montacute (NCF4050-01) Penrose (NCF4055-02) Upton (NCF4054-01)


Woodsford - view all

Benington (NCF4093-01) Hestercombe (NCF4091-01) Marble Hill (NCF4092-01) Nymans (NCF4094-01) Woodsford (NCF4090-01) Woodsford Sheer (NCF4096-01)