Curious Wallpapers by Carlucci di Chivasso at Lines of Pinner

This Curious collection of wallpapers contains a vibrant mix of exciting textures, designs and colours. Different techniques were used to create an eclectic mix. Traditional techniques were used to print these non-woven wallpapers with subtle metallic designs ranging from delicate florals to bold coats of arms and funky zebra stripes and snake skin. A foil print was used to create a modern take on traditional embossed wallpapers in a traditional design. The whole collection is rounded off with a subtle wood grain design.



Calm (CA9089-040) Calm (CA9089-099)



Clouds (CA9091-020) Clouds (CA9091-070) Clouds (CA9091-072) Clouds (CA9091-090)



Cowboy (CA9092-020) Cowboy (CA9092-040) Cowboy (CA9092-070) Cowboy (CA9092-099)



Cult (CA9086-070)



Curious (CA9088-040) Curious (CA9088-071) Curious (CA9088-099)