Fornasetti Wallpapers by Cole & Son at Lines of Pinner

From the miraculous mind and detailed hand of Piero Fornasetti, combined with the skilled craftmanship and artistry of the Cole & Son design studio, comes this charming capsule collection of whimsical wallpapers set to inspire the imagination.
Featuring a range of iconic motifs from fantastical flying machines and architectural elements to hidden keys and mischievous monkeys, these 12 timeless designs captures the wit and originality of the Milanese maestro’s sketches in a range of new and much-loved colour palettes inspired by the wonderful world of Fornasetti.



Acquario (114-12024)


Chiavi Segrete

Chiavi Segrete (114-9017) Chiavi Segrete (114-9018)


Ex Libris

Ex Libris (114-5010)


Frutto Proibito

Frutto Proibito (114-1002)


Macchine Volanti

Macchine Volanti (114-10021)



Malachite (114-6012)



Mediterranea (114-7013)


Nuvole al Tramonto

Nuvole al Tramonto (114-3006) Nuvole al Tramonto (114-3007)



Nuvolette (114-2004) Nuvolette (114-2005)


Procuratie con vista

Procuratie con vista (114-8015)



Uccelli (114-11023)