Contemporary Restyled Wallpapers by Cole & Son at Lines of Pinner

Cole & Son has breathed new life into popular designs from the brand’s extensive history, including the beloved Woods, Cow Parsley, Orchid, Hicks Hexagon, Palm Leaves and Flamingos. Cole & Son Creative Director Shauna Dennison comments, ‘These prints embody the glamorous 50s and 60s period in which they were originally created but by adding different colours, changing the printing technique or enhancing with a new element, we are able to create a more modern feel. This period was often referred to as the Age of Couture and the assemblage of flamingos, orchid blooms, palm fronds and bold geometrics in Contemporary Restyled still retains the essence of the era while remaining at the forefront of the relevant trends and styles of today.’


Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley (95-9050) Cow Parsley (95-9053)


Hicks' Grand

Hicks' Grand (95-6036)



Lily (95-4019) Lily (95-4020) Lily (95-4021)



Malabar (95-7039) Malabar (95-7040) Malabar (95-7041) Malabar (95-7043)



Orchid (95-10055) Orchid (95-10058)



Rajapur (95-2013) Rajapur (95-2014) Rajapur (95-2063)


Summer Lily

Summer Lily (95-4023) Summer Lily (95-4024)