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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our fabrics with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Solace Velvet (J0088-01) Halcyon (J781F-03) Solaris (J842F-23)


animals - view all

Calisa (J0063-02) Up a Tree Embroidery (J793F-01) Calisa (J0063-03)


architecture - view all

Cityscape (J965F-04) Cityscape (J965F-02) Cityscape (J965F-03)


birds - view all

Indira (J980F-04) Up a Tree Embroidery (J793F-01) Japonerie (F6560-04)


butterflies - view all

Evelyn (J884F-03) Butterfly Meadow (F6052-01) Dragonera (F7246-01)


childrens - view all

Starlight (J639F-01) Flutterby (J640F-01) Sailing Applique (J340F-02)


embroidery - view all

Edna (9-7708-020) Blossom Tree (J0142-02) Lola Flower (J921F-02)


fabrics-tree - view all

Blossom Tree (J0142-02) Blossom Tree (J0142-03) Blossom Tree (J0142-01)


floral - view all

Oriana (F4614-02) Lola Flower (J921F-03) Sona (4926-03)


geometric - view all

Zephyr (J909F-06) Sirocco (J0082-04) King Lear (CH2883-091)


ikat - view all

Malay (J968F-04) Dalmas (M4036-01) Melior (F4647-04)


novelty - view all

Kalinda (M4028-04) Ananas (F7245-01) Kalinda (M4028-02)


sheer - view all

Specchiolla (CA1285-020) Alessi (L9252-04) Aran (1-6814-010)


stripe - view all

Cortez (J937F-02) Felbrigg (F4231-06) King George (CH2881-099)


toile - view all

Osmunda (F4604-02) La Musardiere (1474-07) Osmunda (F4604-01)


trees - view all

Savory (4997-02) Savory (4997-01) Savory (4997-03)


velvet - view all

Boho Girl (CH2896-080) Lord (1-6520-272) Varda (J948F-06)


vintage - view all

Jocasta (F4530-05) Mysore (M4033-01) Gatsby (J889F-02)