Morris IV Wallpapers by Morris & Co. at Lines of Pinner

William Morris, philosopher, poet, romancer and theorist of the arts, was also an outstanding and influential designer. Under his direction Morris & Co. grew into a flourishing and fashionable decorating firm, renowned for its wallpapers and textiles. Originating in the Arts and Crafts movement popular in late Victorian ‘artistic homes of taste’, the company’s designs have never been more widely appreciated than they are now. Today, the Morris & Co. trademark guarantees authentic versions of those enduring designs. Inspired by the Morris & Co. archives, this rich and unique collection has been designed to bring classic style to any home.


Acanthus Scroll

Acanthus Scroll (DMORAC102) Acanthus Scroll (DMORAC104)


Brer Rabbit

Brer Rabbit (DMORBR105) Brer Rabbit (DMORBR106)



Pearwood (DMORPE106) Pearwood (DMORPE108)


Sunflower Etch

Sunflower Etch (DMORSU101)



Trellis (DMORTR101)