Sanderson Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

The oldest name in English wallpaper, Sanderson recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Their range today includes bold stylised florals, classic English chintzes, plain textures, smart stripes, trellises and small scale motifs which are printed in the UK.


A Painter's Garden - view all

Braided Stripe (DAPGBR101) Elise (DAPGEL101) Grandiflora (DAPGGR101) Leda (DAPGLD101) Pear & Pomegranate (DAPGPO101) Rosalie (DAPGRO101) Serena (DAPGSE103) Summer Tree (DAPGST101) Woodland Ferns (DAPGWO102)


Bloomsbury Canvas - view all

Cherry Hills (DOI211093) Clarice (DOI211107) Dabs (DOI211089) Drybrush Texture (DOI211098) Omega Cats (DOI211065) Ottoline (DOI211068) Woodlands (DOI211085) Zigzag (DOI211073)


Caverley - view all

Adele (DCAVAD101) Aesops Fables (DCAVAE101) Coralie (DCAVCO101) Mauritius (DCAVMA101) Midsummer Rose (DCAVMI101) New Tiger Stripe (DCAVTP101) Paisley Circles (DCAVPC101) Palampore (DCAVPA101) Porcelain Garden (DCAVPO101)


Classic Collection - view all

Abundance (DCLAAB101) Birdsong (DCLABS102) Eltham Vine (DCLAEV104) Mural (DCLAMU107) Olivia (DCLAOL104) Reims (DCLARE101) Reminiscence (DCLARM101) Sommerville (DCLASV101) Tinta (DCLATI103)


Options 10 - view all

Copacabana (DOPWCP101) Cowparsley (DOPWCO101) Dandelion clocks (DOPWDA101) Delaunay Damask (DOPWDE101) Finches (DOPWFI101) Maheshwar Stripe (DOPWMA101) Oakwood (DOPWOA101) Siam Trellis (DOPWSI101) Vermicelli (DOPWVE101) Zari (DOPWZA101)


Parchment Flowers - view all

Etchings & Roses (DPFWER103) Frampton (DPFWFR103) Honesty (DPFWHO102) Japonica (DPFWJA101) Magnolia Embroidery (DPFWMA102) Parchment Plain (DPFWPP101) Parchment Stripe (DPFWPS103) Ryegrass (DPFWRY101) Sweet Bay (DPFWSW101)


Pemberley - view all

Elliot (DPEMEL101) Forget Me Not (DPEMFM101) Netherfield Paper (DPEMNP101) Passion Flower (DPEMPF101) Pelham (DPEMPH101) Peony Tree (DPEMPT101) Pillemont Toile (DPEMPI101)


Richmond Hill - view all

Box Hill (DRCH212143) Chinese Peony (DRCH212133) Oleander (DRCH212129) Pavilion (DRCH212158) Richmond (DRCH212147) Southwold (DRCH212153) Srinagar (DRCH212124) Walcott (DRCH212138)


Toile - view all

Archway Toile (DEGTAT101) Cherubs Toile (DEGTCH101) Courting Toile (DEGTCT101) Floral Stripe (DEGTFS102) Fox Hunting (DEGTFH101) Jacobean Toile (DEGTJT101) Pavillions & Parasols (DEGTPP101) Roman Toile (DEGTRT101) Scroll Co-ordinate (DEGTSC101) Stag Hunting (DEGTST101) Stairway to Heaven (DEGTSH101) Vatican Doves (DEGTVD102) Vues D'Italie (DEGTVI101)


Vintage - view all

Concord (DVIWCO101) Early Tulips (DVIWEA101) Eglantine (DVIWEG101) Palladio Sunflower (DVIWPA102) Primavera (DVIWPR102) Roslyn (DVIWRO101) Sicilian Lions (DVIWSI103) Squirrel & Dove (DVIWSQ101) Swallows (DVIWSW101)