Paper Partnership Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

The Paper Partnership is a luxury wallcoverings company with a flourishing international reputation. The Partnership’s Design Team have extensive experience of creating highly successful wallpaper collections in a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from classical damasks and traditional florals through to shabby chic and contemporary geometric designs.


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Archive (IWB00821) Blazer (IWB00824) Clipsham (IWB00833) Common Room (IWB00842) Curlicue (IWB00801) Emeritus (IWB00835) Estate (IWB00834) Frideswide (IWB00812) Full Blue (IWB00810) Hilary (IWB00811) Iffley (IWB00822) Noughth (IWB00802) Oxbridge (IWB00809) Oxonia (IWB00848) Scholar (IWB00800) Trinity Library (IWB00843) Varsity (IWB00823)