Symbolic Wallpapers by Carlucci di Chivasso at Lines of Pinner

The wallpapers in the Symbolic collection are unique. The hand-drawn designs are printed in different natural colours and metallic on a plain silky back. The ethnic and graphic inspired designs are shown off beautifully through the use of matt and metallic ink. Natural browns, beiges, and terra cotta orange were chosen to combine with whites, greys and deep petrol blues. Each design has its own visual story and was chosen to be used on its own or in combination with the matching printed fabrics available in the collection Signature. Inspiration for these indigenous designs came from the island of Zanzibar in east Africa, where African, Arabic and Indian cultural influences collide. Different print techniques were used to show-off each design at its best. In one design, glistening glass beads cover the surface of this silky wallpaper to create a subtle all-over herringbone design. In the quality Scenic, bold classic baroque florals are always on trend, and in this flock variety they give a rich deep feel to your walls. The bold flock print design is printed on a silky back. Foam printing is used for a small all-over circular design.



Scenic (CA8174-070) Scenic (CA8174-080) Scenic (CA8174-091) Scenic (CA8174-092)



Signature (CA8176-060) Signature (CA8176-070) Signature (CA8176-099)



Simplicity (CA8173-040) Simplicity (CA8173-060) Simplicity (CA8173-070) Simplicity (CA8173-090) Simplicity (CA8173-099)



Streamline (CA8177-060) Streamline (CA8177-070) Streamline (CA8177-091) Streamline (CA8177-099) Streamline (CA8177-190)



Symbolic (CA8172-060) Symbolic (CA8172-070) Symbolic (CA8172-090) Symbolic (CA8172-099) Symbolic (CA8172-180)