Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has carefully selected a range of high-end wallcoverings to suit both traditional and modern interiors from some of the world’s leading design houses. The wallcoverings you see here are just a selection of the 10000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Wallpapers by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, damask, flock, floral, geometric, glass beads, novelty, paisley, plain, small print, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Clouds (CA9091-071) Poison (CA8231-020) Cowboy (CA9092-040) Glint (CA8209-091) Silky (CA8178-073) Fraction (CA8190-040) Cowboy (CA9092-099) Wild (CA8164-060) Silky (CA8178-010)


Chivasso - view all

Arabesque (CH9082-074) Madagascar (CH9114-030) Madagascar (CH9114-070) Chalky Plain (CH9083-074) Madagascar (CH9114-073) Colour Block (CH9112-065) Arabesque (CH9082-072) Velvet Stripe (CH9079-090) Colour Block (CH9112-012)


Cole & Son - view all

Melrose Stripe (101-5005) Matrinah (109-4019) Geisha (89-6024) Cheltenham Stripe (96-9051) Puzzle (105-2007) Orchid (66-4025) Pompeian (95-11059) Large Georgian Rope Trellis (100-13066) Woods & Pears (95-5032)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Seraphina (7157-01) Halkin Stripe (7152-04) Cesario (7159-02) Chartworth Stripe (7139-06) Kenton Trellis (7171-02) Saxby Stripe (7148-01) Lotta (7177-02) Ruskin (7166-03) Leafberry (7137-06)


Designers Guild - view all

Ernani (P502-56) Kashgar (P619-02) Tsuga Stripe (P516-03) Sussex (P535-11) Nabucco (P539-01) Roseus (P620-03) Saraille (P600-09) Bridgeport (P538-01) Sukumala Lino (PDG648-03)


Grandefiore - view all

Varenna (IWB00910) Bouquet (IWB00447) Marais (IWB00450) Viviani (IWB00425) Mezzola (IWB00921) Larius (IWB00908) Carlotta (IWB00952) Azzano (IWB00900) Laglio (IWB00958)


Harlequin - view all

Iola Rose (75021) Jolie Stripe (110024) People (110361) Adele (110118) Giant Rhododendron (110411) Entwine (75478) Element Texture (110090) Impression (45875) Floris (30217)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Ragtime (4-4048-040) Strie (4-4031-070) Sparks (4-4033-091) Absinth (4-4052-099) Strie (4-4031-099) Swing (4-4049-060) Absinth (4-4052-060) Chicago (4-4047-040) Balance (4-4030-093)


Jane Churchill - view all

Winnie the Pooh and Friends (J127W-03) Zander (J164W-06) Meadow Flower Fairies (J124W-02) Ultra (J152W-03) Helford Stripe (J134W-03) Ultra (J152W-05) Zelda (J157W-06) Meadow Flower Fairies (J124W-03) Spindrift (J153W-01)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Fleury (3062-01) La Musardiere (3015-02) Tortuga (3065-01) La Musardiere (3015-01) Balata (3061-02) Balleroy (3063-01) Fleury (3062-04) La Musardiere (3015-05) Tortuga (3065-03)


Morris & Co. - view all

Chrysanthemum Toile (DMOWCH101) Medway (WM8555-2) Iris (WR8042-3) Arbutus (WM8466-2) Willow (1874) (210380) Pimpernel (1876) (210388) Golden Lily (1899) (210398) Willow (1874) (210385) Standen (WR8045-23)


Nina Campbell - view all

Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-06) Peony Place (NCW3773-01) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-03) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-05) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-04) Amazonas (NCW3776-02) Orient Way (NCW3771-01) Peony Place (NCW3773-06) Amazonas (NCW3776-05)


Osborne & Little - view all

Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-02) Quentin's ABC (W6062-06) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-01) Cockatoos (W6060-01) Cockatoos (W6060-04) Quentin's ABC (W6062-05) Quentin's ABC (W6062-07) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-02) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-04)


Paper Partnership - view all

Atom (LL-5) (AT-LL00322) Iffley (IWB00822) Atom (IWB-1) (AT-IWB00509) Blazer (IWB00824) Atom (EO-5) (AT-EO00227) Atom (LL-4) (AT-LL00308) Trinity Library (IWB00843) Atom (EO-6) (AT-EO00248) Atom (DE-2) (AT-DE00243)


Sanderson - view all

Elise (DAPGEL101) Archway Toile (DEGTAT102) Southwold (DRCH212153) Squirrel & Dove (DVIWSQ101) Delaunay Damask (DOPWDE102) Stairway to Heaven (DEGTSH101) Oakwood (DOPWOA105) Eglantine (DVIWEG101) Vues D'Italie (DEGTVI103)


Sanderson Home - view all

Lilacs (DMAY211984) Sabine (DMAY212003) Lamorna (DMAY211987) Lamorna (DMAY211990) Ashby Damask (DMAY212002) Sabine (DMAY212004) Sabine (DMAY212006) Addison Stripe (DMAY211972) Angel Ferns (DMAY211997)


Scion - view all

Samaki (110466) Athyrium (110214) Tatami (110480) Shibori (110441) Dhurrie (110457) Tree Circles (110254) Lace (110227) Adisa (110476) Suvi (110469)


Soleil Bleu - view all

Rica (WT1011-050) Cesta (WT1012-020) Valerie (WT1006-072) Lina (WT1003-091) Campesino (WT1013-020) Campesino (WT1013-030) Lea (WT1004-091) Melodie (WT1001-030) Mina (WT1007-060)