Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has carefully selected a range of high-end wallcoverings to suit both traditional and modern interiors from some of the world’s leading design houses. The wallcoverings you see here are just a selection of the 10000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Wallpapers by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, damask, flock, floral, geometric, glass beads, novelty, paisley, plain, small print, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Wish (CA8163-070) Genteel (CA8202-060) Guardian (CA8220-040) Wonderwall (CA8168-070) Wonderwall (CA8168-099) Whisper (CA8165-040) Wizard (CA8167-090) Streamline (CA8177-091) Phantom (CA8224-070)


Chivasso - view all

Mirage (CH9116-050) Mignon (CH9115-081) Mignon (CH9115-060) Aviarium (CH9107-040) Velvet Stripe (CH9079-050) Colour Block (CH9112-086) Velvet Stripe (CH9079-073) Botanica (CH9098-071) Madagascar (CH9114-086)


Cole & Son - view all

Stravinsky (108-4019) Tile (89-7029) Melrose Stripe (101-5005) Lily Of The Valley (91-2007) Cheltenham Stripe (96-9048) Cranley (88-5022) Rajapur (66-5036) Byron (94-7040) Petrouchka (108-3012)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Vaughn (7172-01) Kenton (7170-06) Copeland (7144-06) Leafberry (7137-05) Lark (7168-06) Fretwork (7163-04) Ruskin (7166-03) Maple (7984-05) Fretwork (7163-05)


Designers Guild - view all

Kelston (P512-03) Contarini (P602-05) Porden (P537-01) Botticino (PDG640-02) Obi (P583-05) Magnolia Tree (P580-04) Roumier (P532-03) Botticino (PDG640-03) Portia (P607-03)


Grandefiore - view all

Varenna (IWB00914) Lecco (IWB00919) Torno (IWB00926) Mezzola (IWB00928) Bellano (IWB00947) Lumière (IWB00403) Brienno (IWB00964) Laglio (IWB00960) Monceau (IWB00438)


Harlequin - view all

Linear Stem (110397) Adele (110111) Makeda (26821) Papillon (75018) Spirea (60410) Yo Yo (110527) Linea (15801) Emilia (15304) Meridian (110496)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Sunset (4-4056-099) Sparks (4-4033-091) Jive (4-4053-040) Balance (4-4030-080) Balance (4-4030-070) Dome (4-4034-093) Balance (4-4030-090) Balance (4-4030-060) Chicago (4-4047-040)


Jane Churchill - view all

Woodale (J141W-01) Dorado (J159W-01) Retro Leaf (J137W-01) Zelda (J157W-04) Pop Cars (J146W-03) Zelda (J157W-02) Fairyland (J149W-02) One Hundred Acre Wood Map (J129W-01) March Hare (J135W-03)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Fleury (3062-03) Bellgarde (3064-01) La Musardiere (3015-08) La Musardiere (3015-02) Bellgarde (3064-03) Fleury (3062-01) Tortuga (3065-02) La Musardiere (3015-04) Balleroy (3063-03)


Morris & Co. - view all

Granada (DMOWGR104) Compton (WR7675-2) Sunflower (WM7197-4) Standen (WR8045-23) Garden Craft (1908) (210361) Willow (1874) (210384) Brer Rabbit (DMORBR105) Marigold (1875) (210366) Standen (WR8045-12)


Nina Campbell - view all

Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-04) Amazonas (NCW3776-02) Amazonas (NCW3776-05) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-05) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-01) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-03) Peony Place (NCW3773-04) Orient Way (NCW3771-01) Peony Place (NCW3773-01)


Osborne & Little - view all

Cockatoos (W6060-03) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-03) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-04) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-06) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-04) Skateboarders (W6064-03) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-03) Cockatoos (W6060-01) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-01)


Paper Partnership - view all

Atom (IWB-3) (AT-IWB00719) Estate (IWB00834) Iffley (IWB00825) Atom (EO-1) (AT-EO00113) Atom (LL-5) (AT-LL00330) Oxonia (IWB00848) Atom (EO-6) (AT-EO00248) Curlicue (IWB00801) Atom (LL-1) (AT-LL00104)


Sanderson - view all

Etchings & Roses (DPFWER103) Peony Tree (DPEMPT102) Jubilee Square (DOPS212443) Bellflower (DCFL211656) Early Tulips (DVIWEA103) Bellflower (DCFL211651) Finches (DOPWFI101) Sicilian Lions (DVIWSI103) Etchings & Roses (DPFWER104)


Sanderson Home - view all

Addison Stripe (DMAY211973) Ester (DMAY211978) Angel Ferns (DMAY211997) Addison Plain (DMAY211969) Ashby Damask (DMAY212001) Angel Ferns (DMAY211995) Addison Plain (DMAY211965) Blossom Bough (DMAY211994) Addison Stripe (DMAY211972)


Scion - view all

Dragonfly (110246) Dhurrie (110456) Tree Circles (110256) Khadi (110485) Ashanti (110460) Tree Circles (110254) Samaki (110466) Berry Tree (110203) Dhurrie (110448)


Soleil Bleu - view all

Campesino (WT1013-070) Melodie (WT1001-050) Luchina (WT1005-030) Valerie (WT1006-071) Melodie (WT1001-070) Cesta (WT1012-021) Campesino (WT1013-020) Campesino (WT1013-030) Cesta (WT1012-020)