Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has carefully selected a range of high-end wallcoverings to suit both traditional and modern interiors from some of the world’s leading design houses. The wallcoverings you see here are just a selection of the 10000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Wallpapers by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, damask, flock, floral, geometric, glass beads, novelty, paisley, plain, small print, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Goldrush (CA8243-070) Goldrush (CA8243-041) Glace (CA8222-071) Goldrush (CA8243-091) Wish (CA8163-020) Silky (CA8178-082) Fixture (CA8197-073) Signature (CA8176-090) Frontier (CA8198-090)


Chivasso - view all

Madagascar (CH9114-085) Mirage (CH9116-010) Madagascar (CH9114-033) Madagascar (CH9114-052) Monsoon (CH9117-030) Mignon (CH9115-081) Madagascar (CH9114-073) Colour Block (CH9112-020) Colour Block (CH9112-087)


Cole & Son - view all

Coleridge (94-9047) Regalia (98-12050) Summer Lily (95-4026) Baudelaire (94-1001) Chippendale China (100-3013) Watered Silk (106-1002) Palm Leaves (66-2010) Khulu Vases (109-12059) Queens Key Border (98-9042)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Ruskin (7166-03) Alton Stripe (7988-01) Ormond (7180-06) Verity (7138-06) Ellen Stripe (7987-02) Kenton (7170-05) Heywood (7130-03) Beeching Stripe (7150-03) Lark Stripe (7169-01)


Designers Guild - view all

Tsuga Stripe (P516-03) Sussex (P535-12) Sukumala Lino (PDG648-03) Marmorino (PDG653-02) Dhari (PDG644-04) Rheinsberg (P533-01) Rheinsberg (P533-05) Ernani (P502-55) Bergius (P554-01)


Grandefiore - view all

Carlotta (IWB00949) Avignon (IWB00419) Seine (IWB00401) Dumas (IWB00446) Garnier (IWB00451) Torno (IWB00935) Carlotta (IWB00952) Erba (IWB00929) Monceau (IWB00439)


Harlequin - view all

Gardenia (60400) Spirit (60125) Tickety Boo (110518) Multi Striped Petal (110407) Sefa (110325) Iola Rose (75023) Elodie (30201) Polly Pirouette (70529) Spirea (60408)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Swing (4-4049-090) Chicago (4-4047-099) Strie (4-4031-070) Absinth (4-4052-070) Ragtime (4-4048-070) Dome (4-4034-092) Swing (4-4049-060) Balance (4-4030-070) Splendid Stripe (4-4032-061)


Jane Churchill - view all

Winnie the Pooh Balloon (J128W-02) Dorado (J159W-04) Vega (J160W-03) Ginto (J167W-01) Ginto (J167W-02) Beatrice (J162W-03) Sula (J150W-05) Ginto (J167W-03) Vega (J160W-05)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Bellgarde (3064-02) Balleroy (3063-03) Bellgarde (3064-04) Fleury (3062-03) La Musardiere (3015-06) Balleroy (3063-01) Balata (3061-02) La Musardiere (3015-01) La Musardiere (3015-08)


Morris & Co. - view all

Marigold (1875) (210367) Meadow Sweet (1904) (210347) Owen Jones (WM8606-3) Compton (WR7675-3) Willow (1874) (210380) Brer Rabbit (DMORBR106) Thistle (DMOWTH105) Acanthus Scroll (DMORAC104) Thistle (WM8608-1)


Nina Campbell - view all

Peony Place (NCW3773-01) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-05) Peony Place (NCW3773-04) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-02) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-04) Peony Place (NCW3773-06) Amazonas (NCW3776-05) Amazonas (NCW3776-02) Peony Place (NCW3773-02)


Osborne & Little - view all

Grove Garden (W5603-02) Coronata Star (W5733-01) Eranthe (W5513-05) Mandara (W5511-03) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-01) Minaret (W5551-04) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-02) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-04) Spenser (W5723-04)


Paper Partnership - view all

Scholar (IWB00800) Atom (EO-4) (AT-EO00218) Common Room (IWB00846) Atom (LL-2) (AT-LL00225) Iffley (IWB00825) Atom (EO-6) (AT-EO00248) Atom (EO-6) (AT-EO00245) Atom (OW-3) (AT-OW00141) Varsity (IWB00829)


Sanderson - view all

Adele (DCAVAD102) Elise (DAPGEL101) Oakwood (DOPWOA101) Elliot (DPEMEL101) Midsummer Rose (DCAVMI101) Frampton (DPFWFR103) Japonica (DPFWJA106) Netherfield Paper (DPEMNP103) Siam Trellis (DOPWSI106)


Sanderson Home - view all

Sabine (DMAY212005) Lilacs (DMAY211986) Lamorna (DMAY211988) Blossom Bough (DMAY211994) Lilacs (DMAY211984) Ester (DMAY211979) Addison Stripe (DMAY211972) Lamorna (DMAY211990) Lilacs (DMAY211983)


Scion - view all

Shibori (110438) Adisa (110475) Berry Tree (110206) Samaki (110465) Lace (110274) Branch (110238) Bark (110258) Loop (110453) Tree Circles (110256)


Soleil Bleu - view all

Campesino (WT1013-080) Sencilla (WT1010-021) Campesino (WT1013-021) Annabelle (WT1002-030) Rica (WT1011-020) Lina (WT1003-060) Artisan (WT1000-020) Mina (WT1007-091) Annabelle (WT1002-070)