Wallpapers at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has carefully selected a range of high-end wallcoverings to suit both traditional and modern interiors from some of the world’s leading design houses. The wallcoverings you see here are just a selection of the 10000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Wallpapers by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, damask, flock, floral, geometric, glass beads, novelty, paisley, plain, small print, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Woodblock (CA8166-070) Goia (CA8244-060) The Grand (CA8245-072) Gallant (CA8217-060) Poison (CA8231-091) Symbolic (CA8172-180) Gateau (CA8210-070) Silky (CA8178-140) Scenic (CA8174-091)


Chivasso - view all

Madagascar (CH9114-010) Madagascar (CH9114-050) Colour Block (CH9112-085) Mirage (CH9116-030) Colour Block (CH9112-081) Colour Block (CH9112-050) Mignon (CH9115-060) Colour Block (CH9112-088) Colour Block (CH9112-075)


Cole & Son - view all

Jaspe (106-3040) Pebble (106-2028) Stone Block (92-6031) Luxor (105-1006) Wyndham (94-3014) Trianon (99-11048) Giselle (108-5024) Blake (94-6035) Chippendale China (100-3011)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Beeching (7149-04) Celestine (7143-04) Baptista (7153-03) Bellflower (7127-04) Leafberry (7137-03) Vaughn (7172-02) Cesario (7159-02) Kenton Trellis (7171-03) Chartworth Stripe (7139-05)


Designers Guild - view all

Whitewell (P505-04) Ernani (P502-10) Ellora (P559-02) Watelet (P540-08) Ernani (P502-30) Ernani (P502-41) Kashgar (P619-11) Kashgar (P619-10) Kashgar (P619-13)


Grandefiore - view all

Marais (IWB00450) Seine (IWB00406) Blevio (IWB00927) Garnier (IWB00448) Corsage (IWB00430) Varenna (IWB00910) Opale (IWB00443) Fleur de Lis (IWB00410) Menaggio (IWB00973)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Quickstep (4-4050-020) Swing (4-4049-090) Big Band (4-4046-090) Absinth (4-4052-040) Absinth (4-4052-020) Big Band (4-4046-091) Sunrise (4-4055-099) Splendid Stripe (4-4032-091) Balance (4-4030-070)


Jane Churchill - view all

Zelda (J157W-05) Klint (J8002-04) Morosi (J8006-06) Amaya (J166W-07) Zahra (J168W-07) Astral (J158W-07) Disco Stripe (J142W-03) Marble Rose (J8004-03) Amaya (J166W-06)


Manuel Canovas - view all

La Musardiere (3015-08) La Musardiere (3015-02) Bellgarde (3064-02) Bellgarde (3064-03) La Musardiere (3015-04) Tortuga (3065-03) Balleroy (3063-01) Balleroy (3063-04) Bellgarde (3064-04)


Nina Campbell - view all

Peony Place (NCW3773-02) Peony Place (NCW3773-04) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-01) Peony Place (NCW3773-06) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-06) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-04) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-05) Peony Place (NCW3773-01) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-03)


Osborne & Little - view all

Herrick (W5721-05) Wilde Chrysanthemum (W5450-03) Grove Garden (W5603-03) Spenser (W5723-02) Quentin's Menagerie (W6063-06) Monchique (W5640-09) Salome (W5456-06) Fado (W5641-05) Cockatoos (W6060-03)


Paper Partnership - view all

Atom (EO-5) (AT-EO00230) Atom (GR-1) (AT-GR00314) Varsity (IWB00829) Atom (EO-5) (AT-EO00228) Atom (DE-1) (AT-DE00232) Blazer (IWB00826) Atom (OW-3) (AT-OW00111) Atom (EO-3) (AT-EO00208) Atom (EO-4) (AT-EO00226)


Sanderson - view all

Palm House (DGLW216640) Hampton Trellis (DGLW216659) Hampton Trellis (DGLW216661) King Protea (DGLW216647) Bird Of Paradise (DGLW216654) Palm House (DGLW216642) Palm House (DGLW216643) Bird Of Paradise (DGLW216653) Fan Palm (DGLW216639)


Sanderson Home - view all

Batik Leaf (DCHK213737) Addison Plain (DMAY211965) Coraline (DCOA216577) Tambourine (DPAV214754) Dorothy (DHPO216381) Washi (DCHK213730) Coraline (DCOA216576) Abacus Stripe (DPAV214750) Dorothy (DHPO216382)


Soleil Bleu - view all

Vitoria (WT1009-050) Sencilla (WT1010-050) Lina (WT1003-050) Luchina (WT1005-073) Luchina (WT1005-070) Annabelle (WT1002-030) Melodie (WT1001-051) Campesino (WT1013-020) Melodie (WT1001-050)