novelty Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

We love to see fabrics that surprise us and stand out from all others. Here we’ve selected what we’ve called ‘novelty’ fabrics because they aren’t the usual stripes and florals. They include designs with text and interesting objects.

Ananas (F7245-01) Ananas (F7245-02) Ananas (F7245-03) Cockatoos (F6050-01) Coralino (F7244-01) Coralino (F7244-02) Coralino (F7244-03) Essaouira (4953-01) Essaouira (4953-02) Hot Dogs (J801F-01) Hot Dogs (J801F-02) Hot Dogs (J801F-03) Jeema (4961-01) Jeema (4961-02) Jeema (4961-03) Kalinda (M4028-01) Kalinda (M4028-02) Kalinda (M4028-03) Kalinda (M4028-04) Sailing Applique (J340F-01) Sailing Applique (J340F-02) Sailing Patchwork (J633F-01) Tea Time (4949-01) Tea Time (4949-02)