floral Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Floral fabrics are by far the most common style of fabric, with hundreds to choose from in every colour and style. Here is a selection of them, including delicate floral trails, bold modern florals and spacious single stems.

Adeline (F4506-01) Adeline (F4506-02) Adeline (F4506-03) Aditya (4950-01) Aditya (4950-02) Aditya (4950-03) Aditya (4950-04) Alegranza (4967-01) Alegranza (4967-02) Alegranza (4967-03) Amber (J0070-01) Amber (J0070-02) Amber (J0070-03) Ananas (F7245-01) Ananas (F7245-02) Ananas (F7245-03) Atwood (F4607-01) Atwood (F4607-02) Atwood (F4607-03) Atwood (F4607-04) Augusta (F4209-01) Augusta (F4209-02) Baptista Linen (F4102-01) Baptista Linen (F4102-02)