embroidery Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Embroidered fabrics create luxurious curtaining or wonderfully tactile soft furnishings. Some will be expertly machine embroidered while others will be hand knotted or appliqued.

Acantha (F4613-01) Acantha (F4613-02) Acantha (F4613-03) Acantha (F4613-04) Adeline (F4506-01) Adeline (F4506-02) Adeline (F4506-03) Aero (J839F-03) Aero (J839F-08) Alyssa (J869F-01) Alyssa (J869F-02) Alyssa (J869F-03) Alyssa (J869F-04) Amara (J720F-01) Amara (J720F-02) Amara (J720F-03) Amara (J720F-04) Ambon (F5740-04) Anali (J970F-01) Anali (J970F-02) Anali (J970F-03) Animal Tapestry (J0059-01) Animal Tapestry (J0059-02) Animal Tapestry (J0059-03)