PC-Super Epoxy paste repair epoxy by PC-Products

PC-Super Epoxy perfect all round adhesive! Extremely versatile, flexible, and resilient with enormous strength. Paste epoxies are the ideal solution for heavy duty, permanent repairs.

Product properties:

  • quick-setting
  • sets on wet or dry surfaces or underwater
  • translucent
  • no drip or sag, even on overhead work
  • excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water
  • waterproof
  • sandable and paintable
  • tintable
  • use as an adhesive, sealant and filler

Product uses:
Fibreglass, concrete, wood, metals, brick, glass, block, ceramics, hard plastics and more.

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PC-Super Epoxy product data :

Colour (component A)Light yellow
Colour (component B)Blue
Colour (mixed)Translucent
Work time (70°F)15 minutes
Tack free cure time45 minutes
Cure for service3-4 hours
Maximum cure3-7 day
Gardner impact resistance160 in./lb
Conduction (electric)Non-conductive
Thermal shockExcellent
ToxicityNon-toxic once cured
Heat range-20 to 200°F


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