PC-Metal (2oz) putty repair epoxy by PC-Products

PC-Metal Putty Epoxy replaces metal.

Mix with fingers and apply. Quickly PC-Metal cures to reattach metal (30 min). Cures hard, fast, non-conductive. Contains metal – sticks to metals such as cast iron, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, steel and copper.

Made with real metal.

Working time: Approx. 3 minutes

Cure time: 1 hour

Why use a putty epoxy? Hand mouldable putty epoxies are especially designed for emergency type repairs where time is of the essence. The putties contain no solvents or VOCs. They are non-flammable and release no noxious fumes. They do not shrink or pull away from the surface. The consistency eliminates drips and runs, promotes adhesion to the surface and allows the material to be shaped and formed as needed before curing begins.

Easy mix
The two parts are wrapped together. Simply slice off the required amount and roll it between your fingers until the two colours are no longer distinguishable from each other.

PC-Metal is not only waterproof but has excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt and fresh water.

Use PC-Metal on metal, fibreglass, gas tanks, metal drums, radiators, metal & steel doors, tools, pipes, wood, brick, marble and more. (Some surfaces may benefit from prepping before use.)

Finishing touches
After PC-Metal has cured it can be sawed, sanded, tapped, drilled, machined, filed and painted.

Work time (at 21c): 8 min
Service time (at 21c): 1 hour
No drip or sag:
Fill characteristics: Good
Apply to wet surface:
Heat range: -30c to 260c
Tensile strength: 700 PSI
Colour: Brown

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PC-Metal is available in these sizes:

PC-Metal (2oz) PC-Metal (4oz St)


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