Sanderson Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

The first Sanderson fabric range of printed cottons was produced in 1919. The Sanderson range today includes printed designs on cotton, linen and silk, together with jacquard and dobby weaves, embroideries, sheers and a wide range of plains suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings.


A Painter's Garden - view all

Grandiflora (DAPGGR201) Karena (DAPGKA301) Lucia (DAPGLP201) Orchard Blossom (DAPGOR201) Painters Garden (DAPGPA201) Pear & Pomegranate (DAPGPE201) Rosalie (DAPGRO201) Summer Tree (DAPGST201) Summer Tree Silk (DAPGSS201) White Lilies (DAPGLS201) Woodland Ferns (DAPGWO201)


Alchemy - view all

Alchemy (DALCAL301) Elixir (DALCEL301) Lunar (DALCLU301) Mercury (DALCME301) Orion (DALCOR301) Palladium (DALCPA301) Zinc (DALCZI301) Zodiac (DALCZO301)


Beautiful Balloons - view all

Asami Embroidery (DASA232311) Asami Stripe (DASA232320) Beautiful Balloons (DBLL232297) Candy Stripe (DBLL232307) Carousel (DBLL232301) Ranee Embroidery (DASA232317)


Bloomsbury Canvas - view all

Angelica (DOI220938) Cut Flowers (DOI230990) Fitzroy (DOI220960) Layla (DOI230964) Lytton (DOI220954) Omega Cats (DOI220931) Ottoline (DOI220934) Pomona (DOI220943) Vanessa (DOI220946) Vita (DOI230994)


Brianza - view all

Brianza (DBRZBR301)


Caverley - view all

Adele (DCAVAD201) Aesops Fables (DCAVAE201) Camellia Blossom (DCAVCM201) Caverley (DCAVCA201) Mauritius (DCAVMA201) Midsummer Rose (DCAVMI201) New Tiger Stripe (DCAVTS201) Palampore (DCAVPA201) Porcelain Garden (DCAVPO201)


Ceres Weaves - view all

Aerial Weave (DCERAW302) Ceres Velvet (DCERCW302) Lilia Weave (DCERLW301)


Colour for Living - view all

Anise (DCFL231335) Aspen (DCFL221284) Bali (DCFL231273) Bellflower (DCFL221287) Block Leaf (DCFL221308) Calico Ducks (DCFL221298) Ceylon (DCFL231331) Dalarna (DCFL231325) Deer Park (DCFL231271) Ellipse (DCFL221294) Henna (DCFL231276) Lorelei (DCFL231260) Mandarin Flowers (DCFL221320) Marrakesh (DCFL221305) Ooti (DCFL231263) Poppies (DCFL221316) Rainforest (DCFL221311) St. Ives (DCFL221292) Tribeca (DCFL221300)


Country Linens - view all

Amanpuri (DCOUAM201) Beaufort (DCOUBE201) Charlbury (DCOUCH202) Cornucopia (DCOUCO202) Elouise (DCOUEL201) Pavia (DCOUPA201)


Dalloway - view all

Cressida (DDA230998) Dalloway (DDA230980) Hermione (DDA230970) Palampore Weave (DDA230984) Paloma (DDA230988) Vanessa Embroidery (DDA230976)


Henley - view all

Chiswick (DHEWCH301) Henley (DHEWHE301) Marlow (DHEWMA301)


Highlands - view all

Jura (DHIGJU301) Skye (DHIGSK301) Woodford Check (DHIGWC302) Woodford Plaid (DHIGWP301)


Ivanhoe - view all

Ivanhoe (DIVAIV301)


Laszlo - view all

Kandinsky (DLAS230001) Laszlo (DLAS230009)


Lyric II - view all

Lyric (DRICLY381)


Musette - view all

Aimee (DMUSAI301) Lacey (DMUSLA305) Musette (DMUSMU301) New Tiger Stripe (DMUSTS201) Tilly (DMUSTI301)


Options 10 - view all

Calliope (DOPNCA302) Copacabana (DOPNCP201) Cowparsley (DOPNCO201) Dandelion clocks (DOPNDA201) Finches (DOPNFI201) Hana (DOPNHA201) Oakwood (DOPNOA201) Pondicherry (DOPNPO201) Sweet Chestnut (DOPNSW201) Zahra (DOPNZA201)


Options 10 Embroideries - view all

Anais (DOPNAN201) Calliope (DOPECA302) Dandelion Embroidery (DOPEDA301)


Options 11 - view all

Apples & Pears (DOPS222383) Dandelion Clocks (DOPS222393) Fantasy Garden (DOPS222377) Fifi (DOPS222385) Jubilee Square (DOPS222370) Maple (DOPS222373) Morning View (DOPS222391) Ranee (DOPS222380) Spring Flowers (DOPS222397) Sussex Downs (DOPS222395) Varese (DOPS222387)


Oriental Poppy - view all

Avena (DORIAV304) Dahlia (DORIDA305) Oriental Poppy (DORIOR302) Persian Poppy (DORIPE301)


Orlando Weaves - view all

Canvas (DORW231014) Dorn (DORW231002) Morrell (DORW231027)


Parchment Flowers - view all

Etchings & Roses (DPFPET201) Frampton (DPFPFR203) Grove Park (DPFPGR201) Honesty (DPFPHO203) Magnolia Embroidery (DPARMA301) Moonflower (DPFPMO202) Parchment Flowers (DPFPPF201) Peveril (DPFPPE201) Sweet Bay (DPFPSW201)


Pemberley - view all

Alsace (DPEMAL201) Country Flowers (DPEMCO203) Limoge (DPEMLI202) Passion Flower (DPEMPF201) Peony Tree (DPEMPT201) Pillemont Toile (DPEMPI201) Willoughby (DPEMWI202)


Richmond Hill - view all

Box Hill (DRCH222088) Hadham embroidery (DRCH232092) Kew (DRCH222060) Oleander (DRCH222081) Pavilion (DRCH222072) Sissinghurst (DRCH222076) Tournier (DRCH222068) Wisley (DRCH222084) Wycombe (DRCH222064)


Richmond Hill Weaves - view all

Cheslyn (DCLO232029) Clovelly (DCLO232049) Lydham (DCLO232040) Merrington (DCLO232018)


Tunis - view all

Tunis (DTISTN301)


Vintage - view all

Early Tulips (DVIPEA201) Eglantine (DVIPEG201) Pagoda River (DVIPPA201) Palladio Sunflower (DVIPPS201) Primavera (DVIPPR201) Roslyn (DVIPRO201) Roslyn Embroidery (DVIPRE301) Squirrel & Dove (DVIPSQ301) Swallows (DVIPSW201) Tree Poppy (DVIPTR201) Weybridge (DVIPWE201)