Larsen Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Larsen draws inspiration from textile traditions throughout the world, using traditional and modern weaving methods. Exquisite hand-woven fabrics are universally recognized as being innovative in both design and texture. The range features collections that explore dimension, texture, color and the inherent beauty of the yarns. A distinctly modern point of view prevails, offering unusual pocket weaves, printed velvets, silks, spectacular sheers, leathers, and trimmings.


Adam - view all

Adams (L9089-01) Davis (L9076-01) Jenkins (L9088-01) Myles (L9077-01) Robinson (L9081-01) Sayers (L9075-03)


Betula - view all

Betula (L9162-01) Celtis (L9166-01) Cornus (L9158-01) Idesia (L9173-01) Laurus (L9159-01) Mossy (L9157-01) Sycamore (L9156-01) Tupelo (L9160-01)


Charlton - view all

Asher (L9112-01) Bellvale (L9137-01) Cayden (L9120-01) Cedar (L9110-01) Charlton (L9126-01) Cordell (L9113-01) Darrell (L9125-01) Dean (L9149-01) Koven (L9128-01) Royce (L9105-01) Terrance (L9106-01) Yukon (L9148-01)


Joyce - view all

Joyce (L9059-01) Parnell (L9060-01) Perry (L9090-01) Rubens (L9058-01)


Newman - view all

Clinton (L9068-01) Drake (L9056-01) Gray (L9069-01) Hankin (L9055-01) Kilmer (L9070-01) Martens (L9057-01) Newman (L9065-01) Oliver (L9071-01) Perkins (L9067-01) Stark (L9054-01)


Parker - view all

Graham (L9066-01) Keith (L9078-01) Murray (L9072-01) Parker (L9080-01)


Robins - view all

Collins (L9063-01) Harris (L9085-01) Hayman (L9082-01) Kipling (L9064-01) Rendell (L9083-01) Robins (L9086-01) Stuart (L9084-01)


Sidney - view all

Bacon (L9061-01) Bailey (L9053-01) Butler (L9048-01) Cooper (L9049-01) Drayton (L9062-01) Howard (L9052-01) Jagger (L9073-01) Mitford (L9046-01) Orwell (L9050-01) Sidney (L9051-01) Warner (L9047-01)


Tepal - view all

Almond (L9177-01) Evergreen (L9176-01) Lawson (L9178-01) Morus (L9163-01) Myrthus (L9175-01) Pine (L9161-01) Tepal (L9168-01) Tiama (L9180-01) Toana (L9165-01)


West - view all

Bowie (L9074-01) Powell (L9087-01) West (L9079-01)


Wright - view all

Auster (L9011-01) Sunlight (L8997-01) Wright (L9010-01)