Colefax and Fowler Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Colefax and Fowler epitomises the very best of English style, a style that is admired and emulated the world over. The essence of this look is a timeless elegance and subtlety, combined with an emphasis on perfect comfort, and an insistence on quality.


Baptista - view all

Baptista Linen (F4102-01) Baptista Silk (F4103-01) Cornelius (F4133-01) Fabian (F4105-01) Lace Tree (F4110-01) Lansdown (F4114-01) Martinez (F4128-01) Oriental Poppy (F3302-01) Oriental Poppy Linen (F4111-01) Seraphina (F4112-01) Solomon (F4134-01)


Casimir - view all

Arbor (F4210-01) Augusta (F4209-01) Bruges (F4206-01) Casimir (F4235-01) Giselle (F4230-01) Loredana (F4208-01) Silvie (F4204-01) Soren (F4211-01)


Evesham - view all

Coral Tree (F3713-02) Evesham Linen (F3701-01) Evesham Silk (F3708-01) Fonteyn (F3101-02) Limoges Check (F3725-01) Louise Linen (F3709-01) Louise Silk (F3710-01) Odette (F3730-01) Pembury Linen (F3703-01) Pembury Silk (F3704-01) Summerby Linen (F3705-01) Summerby Silk (F3706-01) Tisbury (F3204-01)


Fairford - view all

Antoinette Linen (F3711-01) Antoinette Silk (F3712-01) Betony Trellis (F2310-01) Columbine (F2217-01) Fairfield Voile (F2309-01) Fairford (F3702-01) Rochelle (F3723-01) Spot Voile (F2317-01) Valencey (F3715-03) Vienne (F3716-01)


Foss Linens - view all

Felbrigg (F4231-01) Flinton (F4232-01) Foss (F4218-01) Rosslyn (F4220-01) Woodgate (F4219-01)


Loreto - view all

Arlay Stripe (F4203-01) Cantinella (F4221-01) Fretwork (F4202-01) Livorno (F4201-01) Loredana Silk (F4207-01) Loreto (F4214-01) Marquesa (F4212-01) Rossano (F4205-01) Santoni (F4213-01)


Malin Checks and Stripes - view all

Bantry (F4240-01) Dunmore Check (F4238-01) Farran (F4229-01) Larne Check (F4225-01) Linsmore Check (F4239-01) Malin Check (F4224-01) Stratford (F3831-01) Wicklow Stripe (F4228-01)


Millbrook - view all

Amery (F4227-01) Arundel (F4226-01) Kelston (F4222-01) Lyncombe (F4234-01) Milbrook (F4223-01) Pennard (F4233-01)


Otto Velvets - view all

Casimir Velvet (F4236-01) Hanover (F4216-01) Mariano (F4241-02) Otto (F4215-01) Sabine (F4217-01) Theo (F4200-01)


Suffolk - view all

Claydon (F3721-02) Suffolk (F3722-01)