Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has a large range of fabrics suitable for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and upholstery. The fabrics you see here are just a selection of the 15000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Fabrics by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, embroidery, floral, geometric, ikat, novelty, sheer, stripe, toile, trees, velvet, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-082) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-041) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-040) Offbeat (CA1304-030) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-085) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-072) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-037) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-063) City Velvet Vol. 2 (CA7832-051)


Chivasso - view all

King (CH2882-081) Dream (CH2898-030) Hot Madison Reloaded (CH1249-231) Stone Washed Reloaded (CH2559-099) Boho Bliss (CH2895-091) Glaze (CH2712-071) Hot Madison Reloaded (CH1249-459) Hickory Vol 2 (CH2522-074) Hot Madison Reloaded (CH1249-050)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Santoni (F4213-02) Studley (F4504-05) Stratford (F3831-04) Giselle (F4230-01) Perdita (F4648-04) Brockham (F3803-04) Erin (F4642-02) Frith (F4526-03) Loredana Silk (F4207-01)


Designers Guild - view all

Highgate Hill (F1511-01) Flamingo Park (F1813-01) Miami (F1810-04) Waterloo (F1512-03) Bayshore (F1815-03) Tribeca (F1578-02) Greenwich Village (F1577-03) Madison (F1576-02) Primrose Hill Voile (F1519-03)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Boheme (1-6818-021) Lord (1-6520-496) Vito Vol. 2 (1-1309-022) Boheme (1-6818-099) Longi (9-2259-080) Clifton (9-2264-071) Lord (1-6520-181) Stefano Vol. 2 (1-6731-092) Kaito (1-8826-092)


Jane Churchill - view all

Starlight (J639F-01) Marcelo (J852F-06) Paveley (J680F-19) Delamere (J865F-03) Marbury (J916F-07) Corelli (J0034-01) Nova (J893F-10) Emile (J896F-22) Sassino (J0048-04)


Larsen - view all

Hunt (L9231-08) Carlo (L9256-03) Merrill (L9227-04) Paxton (L9235-06) Ricardo (L9253-03) Almond (L9177-01) Barragan (L9268-02) Cherner (L9242-06) Ando (L9230-08)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Banville (4990-01) Beaulieu (M4010-02) Fabry (4985-13) Ferres (M4016-06) Hansa (4930-03) Ambroise (4977-04) Carros (M4019-06) Vogue (4987-05) Bonson (M4013-03)


Nina Campbell - view all

Braemar (NCF4110-04) Marble Hill (NCF4092-03) Upton (NCF4054-04) Montacute (NCF4050-02) Penrose (NCF4055-02) Cathay Parade (NCF4170-02) Pamir (NCF4177-01) Braemar (NCF4110-01) Hestercombe (NCF4091-01)


Osborne & Little - view all

Bark (F6563-03) Bark (F6563-02) Dragonera (F7246-01) Impromptu (F7302-02) Burlington (F7310-01) Quentin's Menagerie (F6054-04) Quentin's Menagerie (F6054-02) Rhapsody (F7301-01) Violetta (F7295-04)