Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has a large range of fabrics suitable for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and upholstery. The fabrics you see here are just a selection of the 15000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Fabrics by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, embroidery, fabrics-sheers, floral, geometric, ikat, novelty, sheer, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Palazzo Velvet (CA1175-060) On the Road (CA1305-031) Palazzo Velvet (CA1175-083) Palazzo Velvet (CA1175-072) Obscure (CA1306-040) Pirano (CA1286-050) On the Road (CA1305-022) Pirano (CA1286-020) Offbeat (CA1304-020)


Chivasso - view all

Gully (CH2708-081) Gig (CH2711-070) Groovy (CH2703-020) Giggle (CH2707-010) Hot Madison Reloaded (CH1249-045) Hickory Vol 2 (CH2522-021) Palm Springs (CH2900-031) Good Vibes (CH2709-011) Hot Madison Reloaded (CH1249-039)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Byram (F4500-09) Foss (F4218-16) Farina (F4528-04) Foss (F4218-18) Lansdown (F4114-03) Studley (F4504-01) Healey (F4515-10) Oriental Poppy (F3302-03) Theo (F4200-04)


Designers Guild - view all

Flamingo Park (F1813-03) Flamingo Park (F1813-04) Waterloo (F1512-03) Highgate Hill (F1511-03) Madison (F1576-04) Madison (F1576-02) Ocean Drive (F1811-01) Flamingo Park (F1813-05) Greenwich Village (F1577-03)


Harlequin - view all

Emile (130293) Amilie Silks (4733) Amilie Silks (4727) Allegra (9669) Soleil (130701) Zahana (1239) Pod (9336) Corvini Stripe (8131) Gardenia (8106)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Prospect Park (9-7748-091) Emir (1-6790-072) Stefano Vol. 2 (1-6731-010) Stefano Vol. 2 (1-6731-092) Satin Crash (1-6829-083) Vito Vol. 2 (1-1309-030) Stefano Vol. 2 (1-6731-385) Stefano Vol. 2 (1-6731-011) Boheme (1-6818-022)


Jane Churchill - view all

Ezra (J845F-02) Cora (J721F-01) Ellington (J938F-03) Arris (J746F-03) London Paddington (J649F-02) Yasmin (J931F-02) Gable (J738F-04) Calyon (J855F-01) Palma (J912F-19)


Larsen - view all

Mitford (L9046-02) Sunlight (L8997-04) Rubens (L9058-02) Davis (L9076-03) Stark (L9054-03) Auster (L9011-11) Hankin (L9055-03) Joyce (L9059-06) Parnell (L9060-01)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Gita (4936-02) Hema (4935-04) Gita (4936-09) Rita (4933-05) Maroquin 2 (4937-02) Gita (4936-03) La Musardiere (1474-05) Jaya (4932-19) La Musardiere (1474-06)


Nina Campbell - view all

Nymans (NCF4094-03) Woodsford (NCF4090-03) Woodsford Sheer (NCF4096-01) Nymans (NCF4094-01) Strome (NCF4111-02) Strome (NCF4111-03) Strome (NCF4111-01) Rothesay (NCF4115-01) Malleny (NCF4052-02)


Osborne & Little - view all

Pelangi (F5741-01) Bark (F6563-03) Cockatoos (F6050-01) Cockatoos (F6050-04) Rosaline Lace (F6564-02) Leaf Fall (F6562-01) Chantilly Stripe (F6561-02) Taramana (F5742-06) Butterfly Garden (F6565-01)


Sanderson - view all

Bali (DCFL231275) Ellipse (DCFL221297) Porcelain Garden (DCAVPO204) Skye (DHIGSK302) Clovelly (DCLO232052) Aerial Weave (DCERAW302) Painters Garden (DAPGPA201) Woodland Ferns (DAPGWO201) Brianza (DBRZBR308)


Sanderson Home - view all

Primrose Hill (DMAY221938) Lilacs (DMAY221957) Dancing Tulips (DMAY221950) Primrose Hill (DMAY221939) Lamorna (DMAY221953) Angel Ferns (DMAY221927) Sabine (DMAY221929) Lamorna (DMAY221956) Angel Ferns (DMAY221925)


Scion - view all

Baca (130368) Plains Two (140493) Rosehip (120101) Plains Two (140473) Mr Fox (120071) Plains One (130472) Plains One (130470) Plains One (130473) Athyrium (130353)