Fabrics at Lines of Pinner

Lines of Pinner has a large range of fabrics suitable for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings and upholstery. The fabrics you see here are just a selection of the 15000+ we have in store and the 30,000+ we can source upon request.

Browse Fabrics by style: abstract, animals, architecture, birds, butterflies, childrens, embroidery, fabrics, fabrics-sheers, floral, geometric, ikat, novelty, sheer, stripe, toile, trees, vintage


Carlucci di Chivasso - view all

Fanatic (CA1190-092) On the Road (CA1305-084) On the Road (CA1305-060) Specchiolla (CA1285-091) Specchiolla (CA1285-060) On the Road (CA1305-071) Obvious (CA1287-021) Offbeat (CA1304-060) Obscure (CA1306-050)


Chivasso - view all

King Henry (CH2884-031) Stone Washed Reloaded (CH2559-021) Stone Washed Reloaded (CH2559-043) Stone Washed Reloaded (CH2559-099) Bohemian (CH2894-060) Sunset Strip (CH2908-099) Glaze (CH2712-071) Sunset Plaza (CH2910-020) Stone Washed Reloaded (CH2559-075)


Colefax and Fowler - view all

Valencey (F3715-03) Bruges (F4206-02) Byram (F4500-02) Frith (F4526-07) Baptista Linen (F4102-04) Feather Stripe (F3617-05) Byram (F4500-19) Dorney (F4501-07) Foss (F4218-39)


Designers Guild - view all

Madison (F1576-04) Greenwich Village (F1577-02) Mulberry Walk (F1517-01) Bayshore (F1815-03) Coconut Grove (F1814-01) Bayshore (F1815-02) Madison (F1576-02) Flamingo Park (F1813-01) Highgate Hill (F1511-01)


Harlequin - view all

Serene (120166) Boutique (130024) Boutique (130010) Giverny (120147) Boutique (130001) Joelle (120122) Formosa (8134) Glint (130580) What a Hoot (3223)


JAB Anstoetz - view all

Longi (9-2259-010) Vito Vol. 2 (1-1309-060) Satin Crash (1-6829-040) Lance (1-6768-041) Luke (1-1291-162) Kaito (1-8826-090) Satin Crash (1-6829-020) Vito Vol. 2 (1-1309-052) Luke (1-1291-012)


Jane Churchill - view all

Mali (J944F-27) Stellar (J816F-01) Leafield (J703F-02) Willow Stripe (J885F-04) Nocturne (J782F-05) Fontane (J737F-04) Versus (J768F-01) Santana (J755F-02) Topaz (J733F-01)


Larsen - view all

Betula (L9162-04) Lawson (L9178-03) Bowie (L9074-11) Robinson (L9081-08) Rubens (L9058-07) Tiama (L9180-01) Joyce (L9059-07) Drayton (L9062-01) Murray (L9072-06)


Manuel Canovas - view all

Maroquin 2 (4937-18) Mezerac (4984-03) Latour (4980-04) Aditya (4950-01) Alegranza (4967-03) Jeema (4961-03) Rina (4948-02) Tina (4964-01) Manasa (4955-07)


Nina Campbell - view all

Hestercombe (NCF4091-03) Strome (NCF4111-04) Cairness (NCF4113-01) Montacute (NCF4050-04) Hestercombe (NCF4091-01) Woodsford (NCF4090-03) Montacute (NCF4050-03) Magnolia Garden (NCF4172-03) Braemar (NCF4110-01)


Osborne & Little - view all

Chantilly Stripe (F6561-01) Quentin's Menagerie (F6054-04) Bark (F6563-02) Petipa (F6861-03) Chrysler (F6862-03) Chantilly Stripe (F6561-03) Pelangi (F5741-02) All Join In (F6051-01) Normandie (F6863-02)


Sanderson - view all

Aimee (DMUSAI303) Lyric (DRICLY387) Carousel (DBLL232302) Karena (DAPGKA302) Caverley (DCAVCA203) Chiswick (DHEWCH310) Pavilion (DRCH222075) Asami Stripe (DASA232322) Wycombe (DRCH222067)


Sanderson Home - view all

Lamorna (DMAY221956) Primrose Hill (DMAY221940) Amy (DMAY221936) Amy (DMAY221937) Cherry Bough (DMAY221945) Lamorna (DMAY221955) Sabine (DMAY221933) Amy (DMAY221935) Dancing Tulips (DMAY221947)


Scion - view all

Plains One (130456) Plains One (130479) Lace (120088) Mistral (120095) Plains One (130464) Plains One (130463) Isamu (130754) Strata (120086) Plains One (130462)