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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our wallpapers with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Cowboy (CA9092-071) Menaggio (IWB00970) Suvi (110470)


animals - view all

Singita (109-7034) Procuratie E Scimmie (97-8025) Hot Dogs (J145W-04)


architecture - view all

Library Panel (98-7030) Monceau (IWB00439) Garnier (IWB00458)


birds - view all

Byron (94-7041) Matrinah (109-4021) Winter Birds (100-2009)


butterflies - view all

Papillon (75019) Peaseblossom (103-10033) Pavilion (DRCH212159)


childrens - view all

All My Books (110535) Little Letters (70523) Reggie Robot (110533)


damask - view all

Garden Craft (1908) (210356) Florence (88-9037) Giselle (108-5026)


flock - view all

Dryden (W5725-03) Dryden (W5725-04) Eldridge (P504-03)


floral - view all

Marchwood (7976-06) Lovelace (W5722-01) Cult (CA9086-071)


geometric - view all

Wizard (CA8167-090) Big Band (4-4046-020) Trellis (110377)


glass beads - view all

Signature (CA8176-060) Enigma (110103) Signature (CA8176-090)


novelty - view all

Miami (105-4017) Dumas (IWB00454) Nautilus (103-4020)


paisley - view all

Paisley Circles (DCAVPC105) Rajapur (95-2013) Rajapur (66-5037)


plain - view all

Enigma (110109) Glynde (P514-02) Flint (110352)


small print - view all

Alma (100-11050) Forget Me Not (DPEMFM104) Twinkle (J147W-02)


stripe - view all

Valerie (WT1006-070) Menaggio (IWB00970) Phantom (CA8224-091)


toile - view all

Roman Toile (DEGTRT101) Versailles Grand (99-16065) Aesops Fables (DCAVAE103)


trees - view all

Silhouette (60115) Moontstruck (J170W-06) Branch (110239)


vintage - view all

Cabaret (4-4054-040) Sunflower Etch (DMORSU101) Willow Boughs (WM7614-1)