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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our wallpapers with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Dome (4-4034-040) Galileo (CA8247-099) Absinth (4-4052-020)


animals - view all

Winnie the Pooh and Friends (J127W-03) Beatrix Potter (J067W-01) Frutto Proibito (114-25049)


architecture - view all

Library Frieze (98-8032) Procuratie con vista (114-8015) Garnier (IWB00448)


birds - view all

Calico Birds (DCHK213731) Larina (DCOA216579) Winter Birds (100-2008)


butterflies - view all

Butterfly Meadow (W6061-04) Butterflies & Dragonflies (103-15064) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-01)


childrens - view all

Flitterby (J132W-03) Winnie the Pooh Balloon (J128W-02) March Hare (J135W-04)


damask - view all

Bellano (IWB00947) Kashgar (P619-07) Saint-Louis (IWB00435)


flock - view all

Scenic (CA8174-080) Eldridge (P504-04) Margot (P503-05)


floral - view all

Alexandria (P623-03) Azzano (IWB00906) Octavia (7175-04)


geometric - view all

Woodblock (CA8166-070) Hicks' Grand (95-6037) Pompeian (95-11062)


glass beads - view all

Signature (CA8176-060) Signature (CA8176-099) Signature (CA8176-070)


novelty - view all

Oxbridge (IWB00809) Chinese Dragon (W5550-07) Cabaret (4-4054-091)


paisley - view all

Rajapur (95-2012) Malabar (95-7039) Rajapur (66-5037)


plain - view all

Woodblock (CA8166-070) Brienno (IWB00967) Predator (CA8227-070)


small print - view all

Morrigan (7154-05) Heywood (7130-07) Ashling (7406-04)


stripe - view all

Splendid Stripe (4-4032-070) Streamline (CA8177-190) Croquet Stripe (110-5028)


toile - view all

Rousseau (99-9038) Chinese Toile (100-8039) Chinese Toile (100-8038)


trees - view all

Woods & Pears (95-5031) Seafern (107-2009) Woods & Stars (103-11049)


vintage - view all

Ragtime (4-4048-070) Chicago (4-4047-060) Lotta (7177-05)