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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our wallpapers with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

People (110361) Larius (IWB00908) Dome (4-4034-040)


animals - view all

Leopard Walk (109-2012) Melville (103-1003) Ardmore Cameos (109-9044)


architecture - view all

Miami (105-4018) Clipsham (IWB00838) Jubilee Square (DOPS212444)


birds - view all

Cockatoos (W6060-03) Hummingbirds (62-1002) Squirrel & Dove (DVIWSQ102)


butterflies - view all

Get Happy (J144W-02) Papillon (75016) Flitterby (J132W-02)


childrens - view all

Daisy Patch (P567-09) Twinkle (J147W-04) La Di Da (110541)


damask - view all

Charleston (4-4051-099) Saint-Louis (IWB00428) Bouquet (IWB00453)


flock - view all

Velvet Stripe (CH9079-075) Velvet Flower (CH9076-091) Cedar (CA9090-020)


floral - view all

Spirit (60125) Dandelion clocks (DOPWDA101) Palladio Sunflower (DVIWPA103)


geometric - view all

Pompeian (66-3021) Swing (4-4049-099) Elva (60744)


glass beads - view all

Enigma (110104) Entice (110096) Links (110368)


novelty - view all

Procuratie (97-9029) Boemia (DMW1011) Clarice (DOI211109)


paisley - view all

Malabar (95-7042) Srinagar (DRCH212128) Rajapur (66-5036)


plain - view all

Contarini (P602-05) Drybrush Texture (DOI211105) Silky (CA8178-033)


small print - view all

Ditsy Daisy (110551) Kantu (DOPS212417) Morrigan (7154-05)


stripe - view all

Bridgeport (P538-01) Chepstow Stripe (96-6031) Melodie (WT1001-030)


toile - view all

Vues D'Italie (DEGTVI102) Fox Hunting (DEGTFH102) Etienne (60101)


trees - view all

Palm Leaves (66-2014) Willow (75471) Entice (110100)


vintage - view all

Vatican Doves (DEGTVD102) Fox Hunting (DEGTFH103) Ex Libris (77-11042)