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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our wallpapers with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Vortex (110077) Cowboy (CA9092-040) Tremezzo (IWB00966)


animals - view all

One Hundred Acre Wood Map (J129W-01) Small Paddington (J126W-03) Matrinah (109-4019)


architecture - view all

Procuratie (97-9027) Goia (CA8244-040) Summer Palace (W5734-03)


birds - view all

Flamingos (112-11041) Winter Birds (100-2007) Grove Garden (W5603-06)


butterflies - view all

Poppy & Butterfly (7952-08) Papillon (75017) Dragonfly (110245)


childrens - view all

Rush (70533) Cockatoos (W6060-01) Kaleidoscope (110526)


damask - view all

Aldwych (94-5030) Fleur de Lis (IWB00410) Vaughn (7172-04)


flock - view all

Cedar (CA9090-020) Eldridge (P504-05) Margot (P503-05)


floral - view all

Magnolia Embroidery (DPFWMA102) Poppies (DCFL211663) Traditional Flower (CH9077-073)


geometric - view all

Luxor (105-1006) Hicks' Grand (95-6036) Chicago (4-4047-090)


glass beads - view all

Signature (CA8176-070) Links (110367) Signature (CA8176-060)


novelty - view all

Libris Maximus (82-19031) Boemia (DMW1005) Nottambule (97-5017)


paisley - view all

Rajapur (95-2013) Srinagar (DRCH212126) Malabar (66-1003)


plain - view all

Dorado (J159W-05) Glace (CA8222-070) Chichester (P536-03)


small print - view all

Kantu (DOPS212420) Beads (110180) Narina (109-10048)


stripe - view all

Chartworth Stripe (7139-01) Helford Stripe (J134W-05) Velvet Stripe (CH9079-091)


toile - view all

Chinese Toile (100-8038) Stag Hunting (DEGTST104) Scroll Co-ordinate (DEGTSC103)


trees - view all

Aspen (DCFL211669) Woods (69-12149) Palm Leaves (66-2012)


vintage - view all

Thistle (DMOWTH104) Woodlands (DOI211086) Compton (WR7675-2)