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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our wallpapers with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Dome (4-4034-040) Cloudscape (J8003-02) Tremezzo (IWB00966)


animals - view all

March Hare (J135W-06) March Hare (J135W-01) Safari Dance (109-8036)


architecture - view all

Lumière (IWB00407) Topiary (115-2006) Common Room (IWB00842)


birds - view all

Savuti (109-1005) Flamingos (95-8045) Birdcage Walk (NCW3770-03)


butterflies - view all

Butterflies & Dragonflies (103-15065) Butterfly Meadow (W6061-03) Swedish Tree (7165-03)


childrens - view all

Disco Stripe (J142W-01) Crayon (P565-03) Hot Dogs (J145W-04)


damask - view all

Sukumala Lino (PDG648-07) Pushkin (108-8041) Stravinsky (108-4018)


flock - view all

Scenic (CA8174-080) Scenic (CA8174-092) Eldridge (P504-04)


floral - view all

Marais (IWB00445) Casimir (7162-02) Peony Place (NCW3773-01)


geometric - view all

Ingot (107-5025) Milla (DPAV214774) Kenton Trellis (7171-01)


glass beads - view all

Signature (CA8176-099) Signature (CA8176-060) Signature (CA8176-070)


novelty - view all

Cabaret (4-4054-091) Estate (IWB00834) Nuvolette (114-28057)


paisley - view all

Rajapur (95-2014) Malabar (95-7041) Rajapur Flock (112-9032)


plain - view all

Quickstep (4-4050-091) Gracious (CA8201-099) Concrete (92-3014)


small print - view all

Senzo Spot (109-6030) Narina (109-10047) Czar (CA9093-090)


stripe - view all

Ursa (J169W-01) Halkin Stripe (7152-08) Tremezzo (IWB00965)


toile - view all

Rousseau (99-9039) Versailles (99-15061) Versailles Grand (99-16064)


trees - view all

Monceau (IWB00438) Willow Tree (DCHK213724) Topiary (115-2007)


vintage - view all

Flamingos (66-6042) Flamingos (95-8048) Charleston (4-4051-070)