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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our fabrics with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Vortex (5130) Halcyon (J781F-06) Solaris (J842F-28)


animals - view all

Beaufort (DCOUBE202) Hot Dogs (J801F-03) Fantasque (F6860-04)


architecture - view all

Cityscape (J965F-04) Cityscape (J965F-02) Cityscape (J965F-01)


birds - view all

Caverley (DCAVCA202) Japonerie (F6560-02) Persian Grove (J979F-02)


butterflies - view all

Oriental Poppy Linen (F4111-02) Butterfly Meadow (F6052-01) Get Happy (J808F-02)


childrens - view all

Buttons (3264) Zodiac Stripe (J794F-02) Alphabet Beatrix Potter (J650F-03)


embroidery - view all

Meadow Hill (J714F-01) Havana (J751F-05) Summerby Silk (F3706-03)


fabrics - view all

Hema (4935-04) Hema (4935-02) Hema (4935-03)


fabrics-sheers - view all

Coro (J957F-02) Mandalay (J962F-03) Mandalay (J962F-04)


floral - view all

Kerria (8112) Pear & Pomegranate (DAPGPE202) Pavillon de Bidaine (1286-02)


geometric - view all

Derain (4970-04) Oros (9-2233-070) Hex (J954F-04)


ikat - view all

Rossini (J826F-03) Kamili (120189) Seville (J771F-05)


novelty - view all

Shooting Stars (J807F-02) Beautiful Balloons (DBLL232297) Carrots & Peas (120057)


sheer - view all

Soft Loft (CH2892-070) Eady (CH2887-070) Aran (1-6814-070)


stripe - view all

Bacon (L9061-03) Irma (120113) Renoir (4973-02)


toile - view all

Etienne (3599) Aesops Fables (DCAVAE202) Etienne (3597)


trees - view all

Calliope (120160) Woodsford (NCF4090-03) Silhouette (130331)


vintage - view all

Pear & Pomegranate (DAPGPE204) Angelica (DOI220940) Midsummer Rose (DCAVMI203)