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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our fabrics with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Spirea (8119) Solaris (J842F-23) Cornelian (J935F-02)


animals - view all

Fantasque (F6860-01) March Hare (J804F-01) Aesops Fables (DCAVAE203)


architecture - view all

Cityscape (J965F-02) Cityscape (J965F-04) Cityscape (J965F-03)


birds - view all

Caverley (DCAVCA204) Flight (120068) Porcelain Garden (DCAVPO201)


butterflies - view all

Ipanema (J757F-03) Flower Power (J803F-01) Oriental Poppy Linen (F4111-01)


childrens - view all

What a Hoot (3224) Winnie the Pooh Balloon Embroidery (J644F-03) Pop Cars (J796F-01)


embroidery - view all

Rina (4948-03) Flow (2558) Loredana (F4208-01)


fabrics - view all

Hema (4935-03) Hema (4935-04) Hema (4935-01)


fabrics-sheers - view all

Crystalline (J958F-03) Coro (J957F-02) Mandalay (J962F-01)


floral - view all

Vanessa Embroidery (DDA230977) Japonerie (F6560-05) Zosa (120126)


geometric - view all

Fanatic (CA1190-092) Miro (130357) Diablo (J814F-02)


ikat - view all

Soleo (J736F-04) Asmara (J897F-01) Nuri (J878F-01)


novelty - view all

Sailing Applique (J340F-01) Tea Time (4949-02) Shooting Stars (J807F-01)


sheer - view all

Dot (130548) Fiora (1-8818-070) Lavera (1-6817-050)


stripe - view all

Ellington (J938F-02) Hacienda (J779F-04) Vista (J748F-06)


toile - view all

La Musardiere (1475-01) Tortuga (4707-02) Etienne (3597)


trees - view all

Maracatu (J817F-01) Eden (J924F-01) Willow (2549)


vintage - view all

Porcelain Garden (DCAVPO201) Lytton (DOI220956) Midsummer Rose (DCAVMI202)