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It can be hard to find what you want! We’ve ‘tagged’ our fabrics with the some of the styles that we are most commonly asked for, to help you find the perfect design.


abstract - view all

Solaris (J842F-37) Hankin (L9055-03) Solaris (J842F-39)


animals - view all

Hot Dogs (J801F-02) Wild Things (J799F-02) Wild Things (J799F-03)


architecture - view all

Cityscape (J965F-03) Cityscape (J965F-01) Cityscape (J965F-04)


birds - view all

Maracatu (J817F-02) Indira (J980F-03) Cockatoos (F6050-04)


butterflies - view all

Ipanema Velvet (J758F-01) Get Happy (J809F-01) Oriental Poppy (F3302-01)


childrens - view all

Highgate Hill (F1511-01) Pippin Stripe (J642F-01) Embroidered Beatrix Potter (J643F-02)


embroidery - view all

Opus (J761F-03) Baca (130369) Opus (J761F-02)


floral - view all

Paradise Garden (J719F-02) Edeline (9-7707-070) Constance (F4606-04)


geometric - view all

Esino (J0043-05) Nanda (4956-01) Stuart (L9084-03)


ikat - view all

Rossini (J826F-02) Fontane (J737F-03) Soren (F4211-04)


novelty - view all

Pop Cars (J796F-02) Sailing Applique (J340F-02) Shooting Stars (J807F-01)


sheer - view all

Specchiolla (CA1285-050) Mandalay (J962F-01) Lavera (1-6817-030)


stripe - view all

Alda Stripe (J876F-07) Field Stripe (J688F-03) King George (CH2881-092)


toile - view all

Bellegarde (4705-03) Tortuga (4707-01) Bellegarde (4705-01)


trees - view all

Yukon (L9148-01) Morny (4968-01) Woodsford (NCF4090-05)


vintage - view all

Montfleury (4975-04) Grignan (4959-03) Bellecombe (M4002-03)